Chateau marmont - wind blows

 · In March 1814, Napoleon was outmaneuvered at Laon, France, by Field Marshal Gebhard von Blücher’s Allied army, leaving the capital city of Paris unprotected

"Born to Die" was written and composed by Del Rey and Justin Parker , and produced by Emile Haynie . [4] The song features "gently apocalyptic" lyrics, [2] and opens with Del Rey singing "Feet don't fail me now/ Take me to the finish line/ Oh my heart, it breaks every step that I take/ But I'm hoping at the gates, they'll tell me that you're mine." [5] According to the singer, the song is a "homage to true love and a tribute to living life on the wild side", [3] theme that is perceived in lines such as "Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain, you like your girls insane." [6] The original unreleased version of the song featured Del Rey singing "Let me fuck you hard in the pouring rain" instead of "Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain"; this version is sung at most of her live shows. [6] Laura Snapes of NME compared the background to "melted chocolate waterslide, buffeted by impeccable production", [2] with the John Barry -esque "whipping strings" being noted as similar to the music scores of Gone with the Wind (1939) and Western (1997). [2] [3] "Born to Die" was first released in December 30, 2011 as the second single from the album of the same name. [7] It contains a vocal sample of " Long Red " by Mountain .

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Chateau Marmont - Wind BlowsChateau Marmont - Wind BlowsChateau Marmont - Wind BlowsChateau Marmont - Wind Blows